The day has finally arrived,  where I am supposed to mutter my goodbyes to my oh-so-dear-family with a poker face and not-so-teary eyes. Let me rewind a little to allow you to understand my situation here. I am ,as some of you are aware, 15 years old , and the city I hail from does not have well enough further education i.e. Classes 11-12 in the field of science . Now as a wanna be cardiologist I will have to gain my so-precious (sarcasm on full height) class 12th result from a prestigious school or institute . Now till class 10th I studied in the most renowned school of my city and one of the best schools for girls in my state.

Now arrives the problem dancing in its itty bitty suit. As I have aforementioned that I wish to continue my studies in the field of science,  so in order to fulfill the wish I will have to move away from my family , my home town , my state and into an entirely another one . I realize as I write that it won’t seem much of a problem to most of you ,my fellow bloggers , but I assure you , the aspect of me living on my own, doing my own laundry (which until now I had nothing to do with) and eating from a mess terrifies me beyond limit. But still I will have to go. I mean the probability of me visiting home is after seven months in November and that also for 4-5 days. Ah! The joy hostel life allows you.

Now I am happy that i will not be completely out of my comfort zone for inthe city resides my very sweet and welcoming Bari ma i.e. my mothers elder sister and with me my two dear friends Shalini Priya and Riddhi Kashyap will be going too. We will be sharing a hostel room and have the same layout planned for our future for the coming 8 years or so. Now imagine my happiness when I came to the obvious conclusion that they both are also at their wits end.

So now today I , Shalini and Riddhi with our respective guardians will get on the train destined for our destination.  Wish me all the luck from the world for i am sure in the dire need of it. Hope for me that I shall be able to achieve what I wish for. Bye fellow bloggers.

Akanksha Krishnatre


17 thoughts on “An Adieu To Home

  1. You will never be alone on your journey. I know you’ll do well and go far, but that doesn’t address the loneliness you will feel. I suggest volunteering in some kind of way. You’ll meet new people, get out and about, and find your footing. Remember, though, there are so many people who care about you and wish you success, so don’t get discouraged. You’ll be a fantastic doctor one day.

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    1. Yeah ! You are right I have started to like leaving in the hostel. School is good. I have learnt a lot but most of all I have learnt to face all odds like a warrior. Thanks for your wise words. BTW I am a lot rusted on Arabic but does Akila mean the Intellectual? . Anyway Happy Writing.


  2. Good luck! My aspirations are quite similar to yours.. The only difference being i have a head start of sorts as i will soon enter my final year of Mbbs.. So all I can say is its crucial to make the most of those two yrs of 11 th and 12 th.. Its not easy to get a good merit seat but if you work hard, persevere and stay focused, I am sure you can do wonders in you’re entrances! All the very best!

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    1. Thank you for your wishes. You are abdolutely right. The world is vast and the window provides a simple glance . But once out of door you can count on getting knocked up if not careful enough. Thank you for the link. Happy writing.


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