Dearest Mom,

I do not know what to say to you, for words and a day is very less to define what you mean to me. You are the world , the guide, the perfect friend who just understands you, just a look is enough to convey ocean deep stories and sky high emotion, no words are ever needed.

My keeper , you are the one who looks after me when I am knee deep in confusion. You are the one who has confidence in me , when I myself can only convey doubt. Thank you for understanding me better than I ever understood myself.

I have great dreams for my future and I know by the name of good lord that I wouldn’t have even thought of reaching the end line if you hadn’t been there pushing me forward to achieve it. Thank you for being the support that I needed when I was down. The kick to my senses , when I felt stupid. The boost of perfect ebullience ,when I was lazy . Thank you for reminding me of the innocence that lies within everyone.

I am no Shakespeare,  but yes I can tell you that I love you more than Cordelia could ever love King Lear.
The dew is pure as it falls on petals , glistening and sparkling a hundred stars , but I love you beyond that. I won’t say that you are perfect, for no body is , but as close a person can come to perfection ,you are steps ahead of that.

I adore you for your patience,  for you go through day to day hearing complains , seeing frowns , angry words , and annoyed huffed up people , yet each time I come to you asking for advice , or just trivial things like tying my hair, you are always there with a sincere smile on your face that reaches your bright eyes.

Mom, You are the reflection of Wow , a word that inspires wonder and lights eyes on incandescent fire. You helped me become who I am , and for that I will be eternally grateful to you.

Your annoying little daughter
Akanksha Krishnatre.


9 thoughts on “Something to say.

  1. Love you Mom…. Always think same and even more for you Mom but was never able to collect my words like this…. Congratulations for your effort


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